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Mark Mills, head chef, IS "The Plough". His desire and aspiration to create a perfect food experience for every one of his meals is revered.

Since 2009 Mark has served the patrons at his Myrniong bistro. Late in 2013 Mark saw an opportunity to expand into Trentham, with the local hotel benefitting from the expertise and zest for food and wine that IS Mark Mills.

Mark has been passionate about food for a long time. He has enjoyed over 30 years in the hospitality industry, starting as an apprentice in the Royal Australian Navy and has culminated in expanding his brand through regional Victoria.

Mark’s long-time love affair with food and wine is the result of being empowered by Australia’s greatest chefs including Peter Doyle, Jacques Reymond, Ian Curley early in his career. These remarkable opportunities for Mark to experience the doyens of Australia’s culinary culture ensured his life’s journey within the hospitality sector would equip him with a sound grasp of what is required to create fine food – that simple, yet often omitted, ingredient: LOVE!

Mark relishes every opportunity to source like-minded suppliers who also aspire to exacting standards within their businesses. He has assembled a selection of hand-picked staff to fulfill his benchmark of service. He applies this same methodology to his trainees and hospitality students from the local Grammar School. Community participation is very important for Mark, in particular his benevolent involvement within the local community resulting in over $300,000 being raised through fund-raising events by The Plough.

An evening spent at any one of Mark’s renowned wine dinners is a lesson in fine dining with perfectly matched wines amidst like-minded connoisseurs. 

The [email protected]Myrniong

17 Main Street, Myrniong, Victoria, 3341

(03) 5368 7173

The [email protected]Trentham

31 High Street, Trentham, Victoria, 3458

(03) 5424 1144