The Plough @ Myrniong

The Plough Take-Away Picnic seat reservations

Step 1  Place your PICK-UP order via our online store.

Step 2  Order the number of SEATS required (children under 12 months of age not included). Select your seats from the options available, making sure it matches your PICK-UP date and time.

Step 3 Arrive at Myrniong at the PICK-UP time on your order and come into the restaurant when you receive your email indicating that your order is ready.

Step 4  Drinks can be purchased when you place your order or when you PICK-UP your order.

Further details HERE

The Plough @ Your Place will remain in operation.

You can pre-order anytime via our online store.

Thursday & Sunday 5pm – 7pm
Friday & Saturday 5pm – 7.30pm

Delivery or Pick-up

Menu changes regularly, keep up-to-date via Facebook or our Online store